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Designed for comfort, style & durability ~ Fully adjustable neck and chest straps ~ Breathable mesh inner material



The Benefits of a Strap on Harness

A harness provides a comfortable fit for your dog and offers multiple benefits to the handler. We stock adjustable dog harness options that will fit your dog throughout the different stages of its life.

  • More control. A well-fitted harness can help you take control of strong dogs, especially on a walk that offers exciting scents and stimuli. The ability to control your dog in a public area not only gives you the comfort of an enjoyable walk with your four-legged friend but assures fellow pedestrians that your dog is secure.
  • Increased safety. When using a collar and a lead, pet owners should know to leave at least two finger spaces between your dog’s neck and the collar. Although this method provides comfort for your dog, this leeway allows animals to slip out of their collars and escape. A dog running free can be dangerous in areas of busy traffic, as well as to other dogs in the area. Our range of big and small dog harness options provide improved safety by comfortably securing around your dog’s chest, shoulders, and front limbs, eliminating the possibility of your dog escaping.
  • Improved handling. Unruly dogs or power breeds often fight their leash on the collar, leaving the owner to struggle to keep them walking on track. Each pull from your dog drags you along with it and can encourage your dog to continue this behaviour. A harness can discourage this activity, providing the owner with more control. When you fix a leash to the hook on the harness in between their shoulders, it decreases the pulling by directing the forward motion in the opposite direction.
  • Fewer injuries. Pulling on a leash that’s attached to a collar puts immense strain on your dog’s neck that could result in injury. In many instances, initial injuries may be difficult to detect, leading to growing discomfort and worsening their condition. A harness distributes any pressure into a dog’s back and torso, taking the stress away from its neck.
  • No entanglements. An excited dog can end up twisting its leash around your legs, which can turn into a dangerous situation with limited control over your animal. A harness provides a sturdy, tangle-free alternative to a collar and leash, which can lessen the possibility of entanglements of the leash.
  • Prevent ocular damage. Ocular proptosis occurs from the intense pressure of a collar around your dog’s neck. This irreversible condition causes your dog’s eyes to bulge from their sockets, causing discomfort and visual impairment. A harness prevents this injury from happening by dispersing the point of pressure across your dog’s upper body.

When Buying Dog Harnesses for Small Dogs, Consider this

Whether you’re a seasoned dog parent or have a new puppy you’d like to train, finding appropriate harnesses for dogs can get confusing. We touch on four essential characteristics to consider when shopping for a harness.

  • Choosing a harness that can hold up to extensive use ensures it will last throughout your dog’s lifetime. Manufactured from high-quality materials, we make our harnesses and accessories to facilitate enjoyable walks for both dog and owner.
  • A harness that grows with your dog ensures that the equipment doesn’t require replacing. Our easy-to-fit harnesses adjust in all the right places to ensure comfort throughout their lifespan.
  • While your dog may not mind what they look like, we understand that you want them to look their best. We offer a range of trendy designs in various colours to suit your preferred style.
  • Short-haired breeds benefit from padded dog harnesses to avoid rubbing that causes bald spots and skin irritation. Padding also increases the comfort for your dog and enables their freedom of movement during any activity.

What You Can Expect From Paws Pet Wear Regarding a Puppy Harness in Australia

Owning a dog is a rewarding experience, and no doubt you want to provide them with the very best. We aim to stock high-quality pet accessories while offering knowledgeable advice to benefit both you and your four-legged friend.

  • We offer an easy-to-navigate e-commerce store that provides comprehensive descriptions and detailed images of each product. Multiple payment options and delivery straight to your door ensures an enjoyable, simple, and convenient shopping experience.
  • Wide variety. Our collars, leashes, and bowtie’s come in a wide range of colours and styles to suit all breeds of dog. Our wide range of options ensures pet owners and their dogs will find their ideal accessory. We strive to keep ample inventory of each item to minimise lead times for our clients.
  • Transparent policies. Our policies ensure your peace of mind when shopping online for your pet supplies. Our simple exchange and refund policies form part of our promise of high-quality service.
  • Informed advice. We love cultivating meaningful relationships with our clients and their pets. By understanding your unique requirements, we can offer tailored guidance and tips to provide your pet with the very best accessories.

Why Trust Paws Pet Wear Regarding a Cool Dog Harness?

Combining form and function allows us to provide our range of dog harnesses that offer comfort and durability, with trendy designs to suit your dog. We focus on using only top-quality materials that result in robust products, suitable to last through any outdoor activity. We understand that your pet is part of your family, which is why we offer customised accessories to suit your furry friend’s unique personality. From a puppy harness to collars suited to extra-large breeds, we have shapes, sizes, and styles to suit your loyal companion. For more information on our unique products, contact us.

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