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Dog Leash with Padded Handles For A Comfortable Control ~ Made With Strong Polyester Material

~ Australian Designed ~


Benefits Of a Collar And Leash

Dogs and leashes have a long history of training and ownership. Training your dog with and without a leash is the best way to ensure public safety.

  • A pet leash can improve your companionship. Enjoying a walk with your dog that enjoys walking with a leash makes the outing more enjoyable for you. Being frustrated with your dog will result in their anxiety spoiling the entire outing.
  • Garbage and other pet droppings may carry a range of different diseases. Walking your dog with a leash will help you prevent your dog from sniffing on things they shouldn’t be.
  • Dog leads are known as “your pet's lifeline”, meaning you can control your dogs' whereabouts and movements with a leash, thus avoiding oncoming traffic and other animals.
  • A collar symbolises that your dog has an owner. It enables other people to quickly identify pets and contact owners when dogs wander off on their own.


Tips Regarding Dog Leashes

  • It is always necessary to keep safety in mind when buying a leash. The public will also thank you for supporting the environment safely by keeping your dog leashed.
  • Always consider the size of your dog when getting a dog leash. Thin leashes will not work for big dogs as they strong enough to break a leash meant for small dogs. Always get a leash that can handle and restrain your strong dog.
  • If your dog is reluctant to follow you, always pick it up instead. Pulling or dragging a dog on a leash will only cause further anxiety for you and your pet, especially tiny breeds.
  • Added to the dog's dragging, don’t jerk the leash either; it could injure your dog, especially if they are still puppies or more senior.
  • Always check the leash and collar before walking. Dogs tend to chew on all sorts of things, and if they end up chewing the leash, the damage may cause it to tear during a walk. To avoid this, double-check the leash and collar before taking your dog out for a walk.