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If you are shopping for dog collars in Australia online, congratulations on being a responsible pet owner. Dogs must be on a lead in public places in Australia (except in designated areas). However, just because a dog collar in Melbourne or Perth keeps you compliant with the law doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun. At Paws Pet Wear, we offer a wide range of collars, leashes, and harness in colourful prints to keep your furry friend safe and stylish at the same time.


Benefits of Custom Dog Collars and Leads

Every dog needs a dog collar in Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, or wherever in Australia you happen to be. Collars provide several important functions, such as keeping your pet safe and identifiable should they wander away from you. Here are a few of the primary reasons you should order a dog collar and leash for your pet today.

  • To have a place to keep identification tags. Keeping ID tags on your dog is a basic requirement for any pet guardian. Too many beloved pets get lost each year because they didn’t have any ID, and so they were unable to be reunited with their owners when they became separated. Along with your dog’s ID tag, you can also place their rabies vaccination tag on their collar so that anyone who comes into contact with them will know that they are up to date on their shots. When a dog with a personalised collar becomes lost and encounters another person, that person can quickly call you and let you know that your pet is safe.
  • To make it less likely that your dog will become lost in the first place. While collars, leashes, and ID tags are important ways to be reunited with a lost pet, they are also a good way to ensure that your dog won’t become lost in the first place. Even if you trust your dog off lead, any dog – no matter how well trained – can become distracted or intrigued by a passing person or animal and wander off to investigate. When you keep your dog on a leash, you have control over their whereabouts, and you’ll never have to wonder where they went. They’ll be safe right by your side unless they’re in a fenced area designated to be safe for dogs off lead.
  • To give them their own style. Collars and leashes don’t have to be boring. You can outfit your dog with their very own custom collar or harness, complete with an adorable print that suits their personality. Perhaps your little gentleman would like to sport a fancy bowtie collar. Or maybe you have a furry fashionista who would feel more at home in a designer dog collar featuring a fun print such as animal print, flowers, or even astronauts or doughnuts. You know your dog best – have fun picking out their perfect collar design, and don’t forget a matching leash as the ultimate accessory.

Tips Regarding Buying a Dog Collar in Brisbane

There are so many styles of dog collars, harnesses, and leashes that it can be overwhelming to try picking out just one for your pup. However, there are a few guidelines and tips that can help you narrow down your choices and be confident that you’re ordering products that will fit your dog well and that they’ll enjoy wearing.

  • Fit is everything. It’s essential that your dog’s collar fits properly. If it’s too small, it will be uncomfortable or even painful; too large, and they may slip their head right out of it on a walk. Luckily, it’s easy to find the right fit – just measure around your dog’s neck and then look for a collar in that size range. A well-fitting collar will lie flat on your dog’s neck. It will not squeeze or choke, nor will it slip off. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.
  • Types of collars. There are many different types of dog collars. One of the main decisions you’ll need to make is to purchase a collar or a harness for your dog. These two basic types of restraints each have their advantages. For example, some pet owners feel that a collar is better because it’s smaller, lighter, and therefore more comfortable; others think that harnesses are superior because they discourage pulling and give the owner more control. In truth, most dogs need one of each: a collar for a romp on the yard or dog park and a harness for a walk or jog.
  • Introducing a new collar. If you have a young puppy who has never worn a collar before, it’s essential to present the collar the right way to avoid struggles. Let your pup smell the collar or harness first and provide praise and treats during this “getting to know you” phase so that they come to associate the collar with positive feelings. Similarly, give your dog treats when you put the collar on. Leave the collar on for gradually increasing periods, starting with just a few seconds and working up to the point where your dog is comfortable wearing the collar during meals, naps, and playtime.

About Paws Pet Wear

When you need a dog collar in Australia, we can help. Paws Pet Wear offers fun, custom dog collars throughout Australia via our convenient online shop. Whether you need a dog collar in Melbourne or a dog collar in Sydney, we stock a wide range of fun accessories for your fur baby, including harnesses, collars, and bow ties. We are animal lovers who have worked with and loved dogs for many years, so we know the importance of durable, high-quality pet gear. That’s why we focus on designing products that are not only fun but also reliable. If you need a dog collar in Perth or anywhere else in Australia, you can place your order at Pet Paws Wear or contact us for more information.